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The truth is, women are just as incompetent today as they were fifty years ago. But at sucking dick and to take blowjob are real porn stars. Women are just deals bodily. And they’re ten times as desperate for a man, women are desperate for an blowjob for money. Infidelity and the Call of the Slut is the last refuge of a desperate woman trying to convince herself that she’s having a good time. Don’t get me wrong, women all over the world are just as stupid as American women — and hate responsibility just as much. Marriage is retirement for women. The reason for that are not-so-happily married women don’t work for their own happiness is because women see marriage as retirement. So goodbye blowjob for money. Women are good just for one thing, blowjob, women are whores.

Women don’t understand ownership.  They only understand consumership. Ownership is about putting work into something, including ourselves, in order to increase its value. To take blowjob not means work. Women just complain until someone either pays more for access to their sex organs, or lies better while doing it. Women just complain until someone either pays more for access to their sex organs, or lies better while doing it. Retard is the first word I think of when I think of women and their shit brains. “Don’t bother getting a car, just get some man to drive you everywhere!” ... so think a whore. Women are economically retarded. Majority of women are repulsive second hand whores.

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Marriage is fucked and stupid and the second fastest way any young man can ruin his life. Why? Because all women are whores and when you get married, you get married with a whore. Women are whores smaller or larger. It's totally silly you to do presents to Women. The only gift that woman is worth it is a cumshot over face. Marriage is a Business for women, a business from which man always loses. If a woman wants your money, you give her the cumshot. Cumshot over tits, cumshot over face, cumshot over ass, that's the only thing she deserves. 'I never intend to get married. What an outdated, ridiculous ceremony, based on "religion". Oh, you need to have my name, and be legally attached to me forever? (unless we get sick of each other and then have to pay a damn fortune in divorce fees, which is 80% likely) No thanks" - Bob from USA. I feel sorry for anyone who gets married, even though their marriage (hopefully) began with good intentions. In the case of a marriage, prenuptial agreements should be a given, and there should be fair joint custody of kids. Pick your poison carefully, marriage is the poison that kills. Marriage is for chumps.

Marriage is more than just a fucking joke. Marriage is not prostitution, is not blowjob and cumshot. The women cannot understand normal thinking. Women are whores, they do not think, have not heart and have not soul. Bitches can legally take half of your money and stuff if they decide to divorce you. Without heart and soul, the women (the whores) suck dick, make blowjob and by final cumshot over face, with the man who comes to another, cumshot over face. This is the woman, a whore.

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