duminică, 17 septembrie 2017

Cathy Heaven

Cathy Heaven is a big whore and was born on July 28, 1980 in Debrecen, Hungary. Eye colors: brown, height 1.65 cm, fake boobs, yes, plastic bitch. Profession: porn star (insatiable whore). What is the difference between Cathy Heaven and a prostitute? Absolutely no difference. There are many discussions on this subject and I do not understand why. A whore is just a whore and that's all. "Millions of teenaged boys fantasize about dating a porn star...", I think this idea is a stupid idea. This women are women whores, not porn stars or celebrities. Cathy Heaven has eye of the bitch, is very beautyful.

Cathy Heaven is beautiful, is charming and sexy but is just a naughty prostitute. Cathy Heaven has beautiful eyes, big ass and a perfect body for fuck. A perfect body for sin. Porn star means a charming slut with many xxx pictures on naughty sites. Cathy Heaven is not a exception to the rule. By how many men is fucked a women porn star (a whore) throughout her career? "I wanna be the bitch, I wanna be rich", ...so these beautiful fucked sluts are just sexy prostitutes. Porn movies is a form of prostitution. To many whores. "Pictures of sexy whores", not sites with porn stars. Cathy Heaven is a sex machine, a very guilty woman. Generally, the beautiful women are very guilty women.

Cathy Heaven has many novies, is a professional bitch, but is not a super star. As the main feature the whores has big beautiful ass and charming eyes. In conclusion today, here, we have a mold. You want to know how it looks a porn star model? Look at the pictures below.

Cathy Heaven pictures