marți, 10 septembrie 2013

News for romanian girls

Bad news for romanian girls (for romanian whores, majority of girls from Romania are whores-prostitutes), Geert Wilders, leader of Freedom Party from Holland, led a protest in front of the Romanian Embassy in The Hague. Leader came to the embassy with a signpost, inscribed with the message "Access denied" in Dutch and Romanian. Dutch population is more than worried, almost three quarters of the country population know that Romanians are top killers. A fear justified, Romanian people really are top criminals, when you say Romania, you say prostitution networks and crimes of all types.

"Romanians are the scum of Europe, not work, stealing, prostituting their children and women. Learn to steal before he read, Spain is eaten by these people wild, live worse than animals. Many countries drove them out. Does not surprise me crimes committed by these crude unjustly appointed people. The Romans are gross, no humans." - Carmen from Spain.

"Romanian women love ugly rich foreigners and muslim crap." - Shonk from USA. 

Romanian girls they need suitcases full of money from suckers.

"Romanian women are materialistic. They love money and position in society – from that point of view they are rather snobbish in general." - Bulsharia from Netherlands.

"Romanian girls would marry with old guy if he’s rich enough, they would marry any Mafia guy if he can afford to lavish them with presents"

"Romanian girls - a negative experience"

 "Negative energy anytime anywhere in Romania"

Romania really surprised me with its mean, sad and permanently angry people who HATE anyone that looks happy.

Romanian girls have all the complexes of the world.

Romanian girls will love anybody who can pay them and give them what they want. Romanian girls are prostitutes.

Pictures with romanians girls (most girls in Romania are shameless whores)

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