luni, 19 august 2013

Eastern European Women

Whores must be eradicated like rats, the place of harlots from Eastern Europe is behind bars, not in the men beds from West. Whores must be punishable as for murder. Let's move on to crushed whores! Until is not too late! What fate will have of mankind under the dictatorship of harlots? Abortion-Death-Fornication are the major estimates under will be executed planned genocide of whores. For the success of this plan evil women ("all women are whores" - Napoleon Bonaparte) will be essential and will be installed massive at all levels of society, a society that needs to fall into immorality and degradation. Whores want everything to revolve around them, so how they will these mean in drift, indifference, carelessness and imposture. Western men are big fans of whores, by Eastern European Women (majority of women from Eastern Europe are whores, prostitutes). What is the West? A place that no longer has identity, globalization it slowly destroy all traditions, a place where relationships between people are purely professional, friendship and love are all business, all we do is for CV, a place where majority of women from Eastern Europe working as prostitutes. This is West! Hungry, whores and hypocrites, these are women from Eastern Europe, whores who just want the money of men from the West.

Eccentric, devious and obscene, Eastern European prostitutes mimic the common sense, show feelings through numerous outside demonstrations, they will to be the focus of attention to all and are characterized of dissociation by personality that enabling them at need, easily out of any trouble and to pose as victims when something not convenient or when feel any trivial danger or faced with tasks at which not found solution. Sexual relationships strange and dubious, snaps into whores skills and ways of behavior largely fallen sexist, shallow and depraved. This sexual libertinism gives them bitches total frivolity in couple relationships.

Eastern European Women (pictures)


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