vineri, 16 august 2013

Naughty whores

Prostitution is the largest social cancer! Naughty whores are everywhere now, are witnessing an invasion of harlots. A woman who had an adventurous sex life with several men after 28 to 30 years is physically and morally outdated, is just a naughty whore and callous. At 40 years most whores are wrecks, because they have walked pussy from one to another. Bitches are getting used most difficult "to retirement" with the fact that when the get older, no one cares about them. Only their sick mind, they imagine that there is still men interested in them. Unable to understand wear and tear, whores, most of the times unmarried well as ones divorced, resort to a kind of mental rape lecherous, jumping on the surrounding men or those who come in their path. The fact is that whores, some cows insatiable, destroyed the lives of many men who also at times was also the married, this naughty whores do not leave the chaotic fucked. These sows which fuck with many men, do not understand that their time has expired. Abuse of orgasm through sex is the one who makes woman slut. A question mark 10: What kind of man marries with a expired whore? A drunk stupid and crazy. Bitch is a dirty handkerchief in which have blown boogers all steers.

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