vineri, 10 ianuarie 2014

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What we see on the street in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine? Beautiful naughty sluts which leaves home to practice prostitution. According to statistics, in these countries are the most beautiful girls. Most beautiful girls means most beautiful naughty sluts. Naughty means slut. Beyond beauty exists toxicity. Whore is toxic, is poison. The blog "The most hot beautiful charming gorgeous sexy pretty girls and women photos from worldwide" make incredible disclosures. "All women are whores" - Napoleon Bonaparte. Can someone make the census of harlots from porn sites? No, are too many. Women from porn sites are whores, not porn actress, not celebrity, not stars. Fuck you bitch!!! You are just a slut.

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joi, 2 ianuarie 2014


Today you'll see a selection with women that make blowjob. Here we talk about by a super collection of photos, not just any pictures. About women who appear in these photos we can say one thing, are whores, not porn actresses, not porn stars, no escorts. just whores. A whore is a whore, nothing else. The slut is the most degrading creature on the earth. Pictures below demonstrates. Blowjob does not mean normality, drug use, legalized prostitution, idem, does not mean normality. "The most hot beautiful charming gorgeous sexy pretty girls and women photos from worldwide" trying to show the difference between normal and abnormal. Can not you be a bitch up to 30 years, then you become a good girl? You can not. Up to 30 years you learned one thing: How to become a whore that makes blowjob every day!!! You do not learned how to become a good mother, you learn how to become a whore, bitch!!!

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