luni, 23 septembrie 2013

All Women Are Whores

No women are allowed to read this. "All women are whores" - Napoleon Bonaparte. Women know themselves almost as well as I know them. They know they’re prone to emotion and anger, and they know they’re all whores. That’s why they get so upset when I say it. Women crave money because they don’t have money. They have nothing to validate their self-worth except how much a man will pay for access to their vagina. All girlfriends are whores. That’s why there’s a Valentine’s Day. All wives are whores. All business women are whores. Every woman who’s ever gotten a promotion in any business, got there because of fraud. Her miniskirt wrote a check for sex that the Vagina Bank had no intention of cashing. My point is, all women are whores, and the last thing men want is a whore who doesn’t know how to do her job

ALL WOMEN ARE FUCKING WHORES. Women love a man-whore like they love oxygen. And men? Men don’t give ten shits if anyone’s a whore, except their daughters, sisters, and mothers. Women think men think “it’s not okay for women to be whores” because women will believe anything we tell them. And we can tell them whatever we want. That’s one of the many prerogatives of being a man — doing and saying whatever you want, whenever you want. Nature knows that you as a man will use this responsibly, that’s why she gave you all the brains and muscle and not the fat ass. Don’t make me laugh. Respect is earned. No woman has ever earned anything in her life. All women are whores, does not have how to earn respect.

Every woman is a cheating whore. I don’t mean this to be a provocateur or to prance around in the realm of the hypothetical like some kind of dandy.  I mean, flat out, that every woman in the world is a cheater, has cheated, and is probably cheating at this very moment. t’s not a hard conclusion to draw, so let’s just look at the facts. Good attention, bad attention, the worst kind of attention; it doesn’t matter. To a woman, being in a Girls Gone Wild video is just as laudable as serving in a highly respected public office. Like any virus, women are not content with ruining their own lives.

Pictures with women (whores)

Have you noticed how many whores are on the internet?

Do you know how many celebrities are whores?

...or how many seemingly obedient girls are actually real prostitutes.

...everyone knows that many wives sucking dick for money

Now most girls sucking dick for girls are just shameless whores.

The truth always hurts, many men are getting married with prostitutes.

...prostitutes are everywhere now, on TV, in politics, in schools, in public institutions, in stores, on internet, etc.

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