joi, 14 octombrie 2010

Famous misogyny

Misogyny is missing of trust in the moral qualities of women. Philosopher Otto Weininger was accused of misogyny for his book of 1903, "Sex and Character", that characterized the women as essentially nothing. He says: "No man who has analyzed women really does not have a good opinion about them, men hate women or have not ever given much attention"."Bachelors should pay more tax.'s Not fair that some men to be happier than others" - Oscar Wilde. Men do not sin with quietly women. - Jerome K. Jerome
Humphrey Bogart - "The good reputation of a woman is due silence to many men. "
Maurice Chevalier - "Warning to a woman who thinks logically!For logical and women are so incompatible. "Johannes Cotta - "There are three types of women: the smart girls, the beautiful girls, and the majority. "Sigmund Freud - "The big question, to which I do not know to answer despite thirty years of research about women, is: "What a woman really wants?"Bob Hope - "Three types of men do not understand women: young men, middle-aged men and old men. "
 Women are like translations: the best are not faithful, and the faithful are not good ....
Despite the old saying "Do not take matters with you in bed ', many men still sleep with their wives 

Arthur Schopenhauer - "Women should to handle only internal; must well fed, properly dressed, really nice but kept out of society. "
George Calinescu
"Woman is poor creature, her appearance victim, orientable by man, which must protects her, and to borrow his personality."
Jean Jacques Rousseau - "Women, in general, do not love any art, not good at none, have no genius. "Emil Cioran - "Woman you do not forgive no innocent, and life no lucidity.

marți, 12 octombrie 2010

The woman is a parasite

Woman is accused of perversity, sexual voracity, intellectual deficiency, domination concealed and hypocrisy.Women's sentimentality and idealism is reduced to money.Modesty, maternity, are part of lies with likes women to dress to maintain intact parasite of man's place.Perfidy for the woman is second nature.And a cheating man recognize, but she cheating and screaming as "honor of her sexual it is inseparable".Men indulge the attitude of buffoons of women.The woman is a parasite of man being overwhelmed with various defects and with infirmity of thought.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) - French politician and military
"Every woman is a bitch, besides my mother and sister but do not forget that they are women."

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