duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

The earth is full with whores

Slap that bitch. Everywhere I go I see whores and sluts. The earth is full of whores. Sluts are everywhere. Are you a slut? The earth is full with whores because the earth is full with stupid men. If there were no stupid people there would be no whores. Bitches are fuckers favorites. Too many bitches, too many whores wanna be ladies, so if you are a whore I will tell you whore, young lady. Too many bitches stuck up from too many sexual advances. Too many whores, not enough kennels. I know too many stupid bitches that moving and there are, eat and breathe. Romania is a beautiful country but is full of whores. In the category of whores enter and girls who get married from interest. At a hundred women, 98 are whores. and this is very bad. A Romanian woman (romanian whore) have sex with 40 men per day. Romanian women are the biggest whores from Europe. UN: "Most prostitutes in Europe are women from Romania". European UN Report on human trafficking and sexual exploitation says that most victims of these practices are the women from Romania and Bulgaria. Romania women are getting married or have a relationship with a man on the principle"pay to play". Romania is the country where women beat all records in fornication and murder by abortion. The most depraved people from the world is the Romanian people. Romanian people means drunks, prostitutes (too many whores), top murderers, pimps and thieves. As I said before, when you say Romania, you say prostitution networks and crimes of all kinds.

Pictures with whores from Romania

Listen to what I say, women from Romania dressing like sluts because they are whores.

Beautiful girls from Romania show their boobs (in point of fact "beautiful whores from Romania" show their boobs).

If you show your tits and ass means that you are a bitch

Romania girls are just some depraved stealthily settling


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