sâmbătă, 14 octombrie 2017

Sex all the time

How much sex is too much? For many women (sluts) the sex all the time is something normal, is even a maximum banality. Sex of pleasure or prostitution, for this type of women sex is never indestulatory. When you see hot pictures with ordinary sexy women on facebook, you see pics with sluts very fucked.Why are so many beautiful women sluts? Casual sex for money and other benefits. Which girl or woman suck the dick free? Your wife? I do not believe that. The girls are beautiful for dick. A huge long dick in the ass mean money in wallet. Sex all the time for full wallet all the time. The women from clubs are fucked hard in ass for additional charges. Beautiful for sex, sex for money in wallet. Never the sex is not free. Now, sex, freedom and power is the slogan of women. Every night many beautiful women are going after hot dick in pussy even if they are very married.

Why sex all the time?

Paid sex mean definitely prostitution. Your beautiful wife or your sexy girlfriend has sex free with you? Your hot wife, your charming girlfriend is not beautiful just for you. I thought that the love is free. Is not. Pictures with huge dick blowjob, big ass fucked by a long and strong cock, pics with beautiful women in tight clothes, charming women very sexy on streets but the woman is not free. A crazy and a hot girl is fucked by a crazy man. Why sex all the time? Because the sex is very important (for whores). A stupid whore is not fucked by an normal men. Your beautiful wife, your sexy mother, your hot sister, your naughty daughter, all are sexy prostitutes. Vagina means huge prostitution. Girls, ladies, women, likewise, means huge prostitution. Why prostitutes? You do not have to be Napoleon Bonaparte to see this truth. Pussy and ass on fire but not for your dick if your wallet is empty.

The sluts are now everywhere

The beautiful woman who does not suck the dick for money is something very rare. A stupid whore (the bitch is not smart) all the time want sex. Around the world, the prostitution is very legal because everyone pay for sex. The dick is "the emperor", always was so. The whores are for fools, this is the law, are for the greatest fool. The whore have a huge power between legs, the pussy. The concept of free sex is not accepted. Unfortunately the sluts are now everywhere, in cinema halls, on streets, in hotel rooms, in restaurants, at your workplace, in parks, in magazines, in the bushes, on internet, on the beach. Now almost all women are xxx. Now the tits and the ass matters most, the brain occupies the last position. Important is and the condom from contraception. The sex (paid sex) is kind of like oxygen for almost all beautiful women. Oxygen means money and material goods.

The beautiful women looking for men for what? For a shameful secret sexual relationship. Your sexy wife has a mouth full with sperm, not with your sperm. Her deep pussy is very broken, not only by your huge dick. The sex is the currency of exchange. All the time the women are prepared for blowjob, handjob or rough sex because this means fast money in wallet. People have sexual appetites but the hot sluts have too much. Fake appetite for sex all the time almost with anyone.

Sex pictures

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