vineri, 11 decembrie 2015

Sexy immature girls

The whores are sexy immatures girls. Why the men prefer sexy immature girls? Because are stupid girls, girls who believes that the mouth is a place where a long and thick dick can enter anytime. Sexy immature girls means girls with a lot of availability for sexual activities with  any man, means girls whores who can not live without their daily dose of sex. These girls are addicted to sex, they live for sex, breathe sex through every pore. The objective of the day which must be achieved by these girls is records of sexual adventures. These whores all the time invents stories and search the attention of others, begging attention, the anonymity means death for whores. Sexy immature girls also means girls dressed provocatively, infidelity, fickleness, so many lies, miniskirt, so many addresses where these sexy whores are fucked in the mouth, and last but not least, many apparents and half-truths. The words that describe very good the whores are immaturity and insatiable. Sexy and beautiful often means prostitution and pimping, means girls without feelings, just body for fuck.

Besides these girls always are many unscrupulous profiteers. Always this issue is not taken into consideration by stupid people who are looking of sexy girls for marriage from countries such as Romania, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova or Ukraine. On the websites where you can meet girls for marriage we meet girls with syncope of emotional balance and discernment questionable which are part of true prostitution rings. When you see sexy girls the fascination is high but the discernment is small. The sexy girls are put on money-making not on true love. Beautiful boobs, sexy legs, hot ass or charming eyes is all that matters? Maybe men are driven only by primal instincts, by animalistic sex. Why everywhere women and girls sexy? Because the pussy have a great power, does not matter the maturity, the infidelity, the fickleness, indecent clothing, it matters only the law of attraction. An big ass and beautiful, sexy legs, beautiful boobs means very much, most often the physical qualities beat the intellect and the discernment.

This being the reality, is more than justified the presence into an growing number of sexy girls and immature in public places, in public institutions, in movies, at TV and showbiz. I think that Marilyn Monroe was sexy and beautiful but with her immaturity was an negative model for generations of girls. Movies, TV series and TV shows of bad taste and ridiculous, more stupidity but it does not matter, some sexy immature girls like Marilyn Monroe save the situation. Sexy not means high IQ and neither feeling, sexy means something ephemeral and immature, something which characterizes a silly little young lady and very fucked by the punks from the neighborhood.

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