marți, 1 decembrie 2015

Hot ass

Hot ass in jeans, hot ass and big in tight dress and why not, most perfect ass. This post is some recognition for all beautiful ass which deserves all the attention. Is not the ass one part of the body under investigation on the street, more than any part of the body? The majority of women want to be appreciated, every girl wants to be remarked so all want a big hot ass and nice. A ass outlined pretty clearly remove any woman from anonymity. Successful women are the sexy woman, we must recognize this sad reality. A beautiful and hot ass do wonders. Intellectual qualities are defeated by physical qualities but nobody wants to recognize this truth. What you see around you? What you see on TV or on internet? What you see on the street? The Women who succeed in life with the intellect or with physical qualities? Your mother have a big hot ass, also your sister, the women in your neighborhood have an ass criminal, the schoolgirls from schools are hunted by the punks from neighborhood for their intellect? The ass play an important role in the lives of women.

The actresses, the women celebrities, the girls by 17-18 years old on facebook, all these women emphasizes their ass in pictures and you think that an hot ass is not important? For many women the ass represents the largest fortune, a fortune that brings fortune. Big hot ass, big beautiful boobs, sexy legs and charming eyes are tools that bring wealth in the lives of many women. Perhaps for a woman this hot ass is the only property, the only quality but what counts. With what can a woman to fascinate and how many she wants to fascinate? Men should know only one thing: an nice, big and hot ass is not feeling and in general is not just for you how would normally should be. In most cases the woman with a big hot ass is a woman unfaithful. An big and hot ass in public place how much desire awakens among men? The most immaculate woman no highlights an hot and sexy ass in public place. There are many women who deal with something like that, with the exposure of the ass in public places, these women are called whores.

The word sexy is always associated with a big ass, the word whore is associated with bars, discotheques, lengthy and frequent rides. We must understand that beyond de some physical qualities, very likely can be a whore unscrupulous. A whore who wants your values (values of all kinds) not your love. The bitch is a just a woman with ephemeral physical qualities, a woman desperate and destroyed, used by many men. An ass is just a part of the body, is not gold and neither honey.

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