miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2015

Women prostitutes

Beautiful women prostitutes married or unmarried. Why prostitutes? Maybe not all whores (prostitutes) but the majority are. Sexy women prostittes married with wealthy men (which subsequently these whores get divorced). Gorgeous hot women prostitutes for stupid wealthy men. Why stupid? A sexy woman with a big beautiful ass is just for one man? Of course not. A very hot woman is fucked by many men but many rich men can not understand this reality. They are married with a bitch fucked in the ass by several men. The rich men are married with prostitutes, sexy and beautiful whores more exactly. "A 37-year-old Romanian who lived in the United States was shot dead by her husband because of jealousy". Jealousy? This whore was shot because of infidelity but corrupt media from Romania trying to hide the truth as usual. Ana Thomas does not hide her infidelity with another emigrated to the US. She was punished for her infidelity but corrupt media from Romania believes that was shot just because of jealousy. The rich men from America, they do not know that Romania is the first exporter of prostitution from Europe.

Romanian women is equivalent with women prostitutes. Beautiful, sexy and charming women but prostitutes, prostitutes married with rich men.  The women in tight dress, the romanian bitches emigrates for a better life namely for sex for money or other benefits. A piece of paper legalized means nothing to a woman from Romania if at the man with who is married does not find availability (a lot of financial and material availability). How many beautiful and sexy women from Romania get married with men from USA, men who are subsequently abandoned? This statistics would be very interesting and would prove that most romanian woman are prostitutes. Beautiful prostitutes with big ass fucked hard by many men, insatiable whores from all points of view. One single dick is never enough for these prostitutes educated wrong.

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