miercuri, 2 decembrie 2015

Sex means adult business

How can someone having sex in public places for money and for this "adult business" to receive all the honor from the world? Sex with many men means adult business not prostitution? "Sunny Leone wants to Sleep with Salman Khan", what is this? Everyone wants to have sex with everyone, total depravity. Sunny Leone is beautiful, is hot and charming but is just a indian whore. How many men has had in bed for sex Sunny Leone? India is in porn business now. What a disgusting country, this world is crazy. A whore is a whore, nothing else, nothing more. Adult pictures, adult video means adult bussines, in one word prostitution. Sex not means adult business. The sex should be something sacred, something that should it to happen only between two married people (husband and wife). Immorality is not adult business, multiple sexual acts for money with more men in front of the cameras is called prostitution. Blowjob, body for fuck, old women which suck dick, tight dresses, sexy miniskirts, shameless girls, beautiful girls sucking dick, all these represent a large depravation, not legal adult bussines.

We are witness at the exposure of the depravity. All the fools want to have sex for money. What means that? In 2015 we have generations of sluts and stupid people. Thousands and thousands of performers on sites of videochat. Prostitutes for street and prostitutes in rented apartments for sex with benefits. Tens of millions of Whores fucked hard in ass, in mouth or pussy for easy money. Money for whores and for their pimps. The porn industry has nothing artistic in she. There is no difference between a ordinary whore located in the corner of the street and a whore from the adult movies. Maybe that not exist difference neither between your mother, your sister and last woman depraved which is fucked hard in ass through bushes by all punks. Can you to know certain things? Many mothers are involved in the "adult business". If you're a sexy woman with availability toward productive transient relationships, based on sex means that you are a large whore not a woman who succeeds in life.

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