luni, 6 iunie 2016

Sexy in public place

The majority of women want to be sexy in public place. Why? Sexy pictures on social sites, in magazines and on TV, why? For many women and girls, the public space is a opportunity in order to show sexy naked legs and huge ass highlighted by tight dress or yoga pants. "How to show off your curves", why should to do this? Why is that so important? Maybe too important for some women. Clothing with direct connection, this is the secret. Sexy in public place for erotic blowjob, kissing penis, sucking dick, cum on clothes, fucking hard huge butt, hardcore sex, handjob and blowjob. The public space is full of sexy hungry whores. These sluts all day run after men with the hope that in an exchange of one quick blowjob get at least a soup, sluts indeed destroyed. Destroyed but very proud that they are whores.

With sexy excessive cleavage in public place, the old women doing stupid things for to capture the attention of the men. Real milfs dressed like whores and sluts truly hopeless. In general the pretty woman suck and kissing the dick for a better life. Some shameless women who  are capable of any evil to achieve the goal. Hot girls in short dresses, hot beautiful women in tight dresses or pants, in public places are in fact beautiful sluts dressed in mini skirt, in provocative clothing. Prostitution in the true sense of the word. Mother and wife is naked on the beach (publis space) and always naughty and hot, ready for sex (with any man). The whores do not admit the limit. Whore breaks the any rules in her boundless madness. Even if they are married, are dressed in mini skirt and have an attitude of naughty bitch.

Unfortunately there are many men crushed by shameless whores literally and figuratively, stupid men. What power has the pussy! Whores confuse the public places with the private property. They live on public space and go for a walk in the private space. The whores are in reverse, they are born inside out. Christie Brinkley is an American supermodel and actress born in February 2, 1954. She became internationally famous in the 70s by three consecutive appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2016, at 62 years, Christie Brinkley is identical of beautiful that in 70s and does not want to give up at appearances in public space. Christie Brinkley is another proof that the public place is air for whores, air at who, of course, they can not give up. What can do the whores without the men from public place?

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