sâmbătă, 11 iunie 2016

Always sexy

The majority of women in mini skirt are sluts who love to be fucked all day and all night long. Home sexy, on street sexy, at work sexy, in public spaces sexy, always sexy, what does this thing mean? Forever young, always sexy, everyday a smile for you, this is the motto of harlots. You are always sexy for sex whore! Wearing skimpy clothes is not always sexy. The truth is not always sexy. Charming naked women, sexy girls in schoolgirl costume, beautiful tight ass, ordinary girls nude, pretty old ladies, tight mini skirt, women in hot dress, all this means in general whores fucked hard by many men, women and girls always ready for fast blowjob through cars, fast fuck in ass or in pussy from behind. Mini skirt means quick and direct access at pussy. A woman beautiful and dressed sexy is a real challenge for dick.

Sheer simplicity is always sexy, no need for exaggeration. A milf is beautiful and always exaggerates with the sexuality. Many sexy girls and women suck the dick or are fucked hard by many men. Why? Because they are sexy and hot for fuck. All women want dick, is something natural. The problem is that many sexy women are prostitutes even if they are married and have an honorable social status, are women with double life. Besides these are many unmarried women who walk all day long and the whole night after the sex with benefits, also and these women are called prostitutes. Provocative positions, very sexy clothes and dream body (super ass, boobs, legs and eyes) and maximum availability (for sex). Beyond of beauty often exist a notorious whore fucked very hard every day by "customers" hungry for sex.

To be sexy is the basic condition for to be successful at men, to access the the wallet of "the sponsor". The ultimate goal is the wallet,  more exactly always sexy for wallet, for access to bank accounts, for expensive tours, etc. The dick is the center of attention, he must be impressed always. With what impress a dick? With sexy hair, sexy legs, sexy ass and sexy boobs, the whore  must be sufficiently attractive to participate in the sexual marketplace. A sexy body is important for a whore. Prostitution is sometimes described as commercial sex or hooking, prostitution is a business. A whore is sexy and gets along well with the cigarettes. A real whore is sexy but in most cases is a single mother, has fake tits or, worse, a fake ass. The whore is always a desperate woman who want sex with many men, they are never enough.

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