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Most beautiful women from Europe

What country from Europe has the most beautiful women? What kind of question is this? Everyone knows that the most atractivr women from the world are romanian women. Romania has the most beautiful women from Europe and that they are the biggest whores, only the completely ignorant people do not know this truth. The beautiful European women are magical and irresistible but from they can be distinguished the romanian women which are the most charming. Alina Vacariu, Antonia, Monica Gabor, Iulia Vantur, Alexandra Dinu, etc, are romanian women. I know you do not want to accept the idea that some whores are the most beautiful women from the world. European countries with the most beautiful women is inaccurate to say because the most beautiful and charming women from Europe are only in Romania (maybe and Russia).

The main feature that defines the whore is that she does not believe in a permanent and exclusive love. Most beautiful women always must be associated with infidelity and fickleness, the cases that do not fit into this conviction are very rare. Must be mentioned that the majority of women which have been mentioned above are divorced or have a divorce at asset. A divorce does not mean permanent and exclusive love, means ass and pussy fucked by more men, something like the prostitution. In the case of the stars, celebrities, sure we are talking of prostitution, blowjob, ass fuck, handjob, harcore sex with you because through you I can win something or you are useful in my career.

Tom Baxter and Antonia - Morena

Why the majority of romanian celebrities are dressed like some prostitutes? Because they are some divorced whores, free to do what they want. A whore always reveals that is a whore. Why excess of sexuality? Everywhere in Europe we find beautiful women from Romania, they are gone from their home country for a better life. Romania is the most corrupt European country, so the poorest country from Europe, cause and effect. Romanian women can not be whores in Romania because are not enough men with money here, they must to emigrate for the purpose of prostitution illegal or legal throughout Europe. Of course that most are married with pimps or have boyfriends pimps. Romanian nation is defined by whores and pimps, is defined by easy and ilegall ways to make money, fewer are cases of honest Romanians.

Most beautiful women from Europe pictures

Monica Gabor - accused of prostitution

Iulia Vantur


Nina Dobrev

Alexandra Dinu

Alina Vacariu

Monica Dascalu

Raluca Lazarut

In conclusion, are romanian women most beautiful from Europe?

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