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Monique Fuentes

Monique Fuentes is born at July 29, 1968, height 5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm ...is a woman long), weight 134 lbs (61 kg), hair color brunette. Monique Fuentes is one super hot latina milf, has a sexy body (beautiful boobs, ass and legs). Monique Fuentes is just a whore for fuck, nothing more like any porn star (whore). Monique Fuentes is so hot, charming and sexy, is one of my top favorite pornstar of all-time but is a whore. Her body is fantastic and she knows how to use it. Fuck this bitch. I love watching this woman fuck, she is a gorgeous colombian milf. She loves sex and might as well get paid for it. Monique Fuentes is a real prostitute without pimp.

This milf suck the dick and is fucked hard in ass, mouth and pussy, so is a stupid whore. Black cock in she, she is beautiful but is not an model to be followed. Sexiest guy fuck beautiful women, this is the situation. Monique Fuentes is a beautiful milf so she could not be than a whore fucked on various sofas. An huge ass and beautiful almost always is fucked by many men, Monique Fuentes could not be a exception. The sexy bitches get fucked. Monique Fuentes is a real beautiful woman with nice tits and ass and is fucked like a notorious whore because she is a slut, not a celebrity, a porn star. She suck the dick and is fucked hard because is naughty like any other whore.

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