vineri, 2 mai 2014

Nicole Coco Austin

Nicole Coco Austin (Nicole Natalie Marrow) is born in Tarzana, California on 17 March 1979. She's so fake it's disturbing to my eyes! Fake hair, nails, tan, teats, ton of makeup and ass unbelievable what money & plastic surgery can do. Have you seen her fake lipo stomach it's disgusting lazy bitch join a real gym & workout then we talk bout her fake ass body. Coco Austin this fucking whore sure love to fuck her in the ass then i see if that ass is fake you fucking bitch. Nicole Coco Austin is the hottest woman in the planet (fake hot woman). If you don't love coco's Ass (fake ass) your not a man... She is all fake, she is cool and she is not stuck up like kim and other bitches, and coco still hella fine.

Pictures with Nicole Coco Austin

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