luni, 12 mai 2014

Hot Call Girls

"How many sexual partners is too much?" What question is that? Two are too many. Now girls involved in prostitution are no longer called whores, are called, escort girls, call girls or libertine girls. Human society has reached sucks. Now there is a system of values totally wrong. Now girls must be hot, must be shameless, must be sexy, namely must be whores, sorry, call girls. Moral values are in perfusion. Summer has come. Summer mean hot girls with hot ass, sexy legs and beautiful boobs, all of this in public places. The whores think they are the center of the universe. Very sad and very bad! Our whores need a little Sharia law to make their minds right! The United Stated should have never given whores the right to vote! In the Middle East, women are property! They are treated like the whores that they are! What a great system this is! Look how many whores are on earth. Why are so many? Because women have too many rights. A bitch is dressed like a whore, a bitch wants to be hot. If you walk like a whore, talk like a whore dress like a whore and behave like a whore, guess what? You are a whore! Every woman who's ever sucked a cock, is a dirty, dirty, filthy rotten minded whore.

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