luni, 5 mai 2014

Dirty whores

Nigel Farage: "Romania's accession to the EU has facilitated the expansion of organized crime." What export Romania in Europe? Dirty whores! Romania is a huge mob structure, Nigel Farage is correct. Prostitution networks from Romania even by police are headed. Romanian girls: eccentric, bigoted, obscene and dirty whores. In Western Europe are landed on conveyor belt dirty whores from Romania. Authorities from Romania tell a pack of lies. "The big fish" has connections to the highest levels, in Romania are sacrificed only "pawns" from organized crime groups who recruits girls for prostitution. "EU enlargement by admitting countries like Romania has created a breach for organized crime", say ultranationalist politician Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Component activities of organized crime, have a character secret and well organized, of which case made a social impact very negative, in many states he constituting "cancer perfidious" which weakens the power society, threaten the integrity of government, cause increase taxes which adds the price of goods, endanger safety and jobs of citizens, control ,finally achieving a strong influence in the sphere of economy, social and especially political. Human trafficking in Romania is a state policy and a modern retail which feed corruption and organized crime.

80 percent of romanian underage girls who have sex are prostitutes, in Denmark, Romania is the country with the most prostitutes (dirty whores) and according to Europol, Eurojust, The Times, CNN, the first exporter of prostitution in Europe is Romania. Romanian women, romanian girls, are the biggest whores from the world.The logic is not part of a whore's ability! It is very sad what women have become today, and most of them are a pile of Trash, are dirty whores. Every woman who's ever sucked a cock, is a dirty, dirty, filthy rotten minded whore. Women from Romania are fucking garbage.

Pictures with dirty whores

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