joi, 8 mai 2014

Babes in tight dresses

I chose the title babes in tight dresses because whores in tight dresses is too disturbing and too true. What does a bitch to attract, to conquer many more men? She dresses like a whore of course. Ass must be highlighted, the same and breasts. The dress or skirt must be very short. Young or old, all are equally, the same, idem, namely whores smaller or larger. Sexy legs loaded with promises, naughty ass and boobs, all of this represents the arsenal of women. The bitch is a beast allergic to spiritual warmth and has poisoned soul. Beautiful babes, hot women, charming girls or sexy, all that translates into only one way: big whores. Tight dresses mean prostitution. The women do not have the ability to be anything, can be only whores. Ass, legs, boobs, beautiful babes in tight dress it means nothing. You have ass woman, you have sexy legs, you have big beautiful ass, so and what? For that is obliged every man to pay for access at these "goods". Tight dresses is just clothes. Women may suck, but never without some financial reward, be it drinks, dinner, marriage or some sort of financial reward. Meanwhile, they will lie, cheat and fuck other men, constantly looking for a better financial deal! Every woman on earth is some sort of whore! Woman wants financial rewards? For what? Why? Because that is normal? Babes in tight dresses not mean financial rewards.

Pictures with babes in tight dresses


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