sâmbătă, 14 noiembrie 2015

Sex with deadly hookers

Today we start with two deadly hookers. Two lovers have been found shot dead in a car. The sex chaotic kill. Ultimately we get to sex but the sex is not made anyway. Beautiful women or not means many times sex with benefits. But back to the our case, the police found nine bullets in the bodies of the victims, who had sex in that time! Really deadly sex with deadly hookers! Police officers from Philadelphia have been alerted by sanitation workers who have discovered a car abandoned in an area of a park. The police officers have observed that one of the side windows  have holes made by bullets and they made, at short time, the startling discovery: indoors of the car were the bodies of a man and a woman, naked, riddled by bullets. The victims were Lisa Smith, aged 32, mother of five children, and a man, Arline Shakoor, 25 years. What do we have here? A stupid man and a real milf whore. Each of the victims has a different relationship, So here we have definitely two deadly hookers. The majority of women are deadly hookers in miniskirt in public places.

"We have nine bullets fired, all reached both victims, is obvious a crime of passion." So we reached on the topic of this blog, which is about beautiful women and sex. Extremely beautiful women involved in deadly adventures. Many girls and beautiful women from social sites are involved in extramarital relationships. Why? Because they are beautiful and desired, plus that, at the middle, for many times, are money. Beautiful girls and women in exchange for money. Deadly hookers who can not stand without dick. Their supreme pleasure, the dick. Super sexy body for sex with anyone, including married. The need for sex and money overcome any principle. Big ass for fuck (if you are ready for donation), deadly sex for physiological needs, dangerous adventure with a handsome man and beautiful in transit through the city, etc

Deadly hookers pictures

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