sâmbătă, 7 noiembrie 2015

What is facebook?

What is facebook? Facebook is surely the best known of the social networking sites. What means facebook? Facebook means more pictures with whores for you. In my opinion this social network, among other things, is a large virtual brothel. Facebook is unethical, untrustworthy, and now downright harmful, all the whores, all the prostitutes have an account on this social networking site. We are talking about a contagion, about a real disease. Why? The bitch is full of needs and this needs can be satisfied by men. Where or how can they find these guys? The answer at this question is facebook. What is facebook? A place with girls and women with beautiful boobs, sexy legs and charming eyes. At profile the prostitutes write "student", "University of...","manager","school of Life",etc. Not exist whore on facebook who recognize "I am prostitute". Facebook means miniskirt, bikini, sexuality, "horizontal proposals". "I want men, many men because i'm sexy and hot (and because I need money)". Facebook means for whores productive transient relationships, also facebook means big ass fuck, blowjob, rough sex.

Facebook means illegal prostitution, obsessed psychopaths, criminals with hidden identity, facebook means all types of crimes. This social networking site promotes lack of culture, help at instigation, at social disorder. Beautiful girls on facebook for what, what is facebook? The social web sites for the girls from Eastern Europe creates a bridge for prostitution. Majority of women from Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova are whore who are seeking US citizenship or money from a man stupid who lives in the USA. The same is holds true for men from England, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, etc. After these things are achieved, goodbye! What is facebook? I answered to this question in detail. Below we have pictures with girls and women from social sites and dating sites, the most beautiful, hot, charming, gorgeous, sexy, and pretty women.

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