sâmbătă, 29 martie 2014

Why are women called sluts?

How much a man will pay for access to the pussy? Maximum price. Why are women called sluts? All men have to pay for access to pussy. Another option not exist because so women want, because all women are whores. Gives you something free of charge the woman? "Because I'm a beautiful woman shall to give me money" ...bitch mentality. The woman has multiple sex partners, very, very few are serious girls, have a one loved. When you see so many pictures xxx on internet, you reach to one conclusion: all women are whores. Sluts everywhere, on street, in public places, at TV, at work (your boss is not a bitch?), on internet (most of the whores are on the internet), even in churches are more whores. We are witnessing at an invasion of sluts. Women are pigs, you use your body to get what you want from men, whore. All over beautiful sexy naked women, girls in miniskirt, women with perfect ass (big, round, beaitiful and well defined ass), girls with beautiful legs, women in tight dress, what does that mean? Sluts who seek stupid men. Women are so pathetic, women are born whores and they remain whores for their whole life.

Pictures with women (sluts - whores - bitches)

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