duminică, 16 martie 2014

Sexy celebrity women

My opinion is unanimously shared, the actresses, the stars, the models are kind of prostitutes who beg attention. How is dressed up a whore (prostitute)? A whore is sexy, charming, beautiful and hot. The celebrity are beautiful, very sexy and are dressed very undressed (mini skirt). Personal lives of celebrities are not worth following, no wonder that you marry more than once as long as you dress like a whore, in sexy hot miniskirt. Celebrities are real negative patterns. How it looks celebrities in pictures? Very sexy. How it looks celebrities in movies? Same very sexy. Sexy is not god for ordinary girls. "Super hot magnificent legs pictures, super tight and super short red dress, amazing legs in a very interesting mini dress", that means celebrity? I think that all women should be fucked hard because are just whores who do not deserve anything. A "celebrity" to get a good role in a movie has to suck dick, this is reality. So it becomes a celebrity. Women have forgotten their place and their gender role, that's the problem. Now women want only as prostitutes. A man must be a man. A woman must be a woman. The man is the dominant partner to whom the woman must be subordinate. Is not normal for women to work as prostitutes. Every guy wants a sexy woman but be sexy woman at your home.

Pictures with sexy celebrity women

Do you know how much dick put in it a woman order to become a celebrity? Kilometres of dick. Every day and every night. You think if a woman is sexy and beautiful get celebrity title without to suck dick? The celebrity involve more xxx after party. Mandatory she must be sexy if she wants to be the star, but sexy for what? For fucked hard.

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