marți, 1 aprilie 2014

Facebook: Tool for girls

The title normal and correct is "Facebook: Tool for whores" but sound too misogynist. The most degrading human being on earth is the whore. The website of socialization facebook is the place where all the bitches from Earth are meeting. The whores are in need of this website, facebook for these girls with questionable morality, is a tool with which develop several parallel relationships. Women (the whores) do not have sex for free. There's always a price. Maybe it's hidden, maybe it will be paid at a later date, but at one time pay for sex. Women get wet at the idea of selling their pussy. Women need suckers, the circumstances and tools. They love the idea of being whores. Suits them perfectly to be whores. They love the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman fantasy. Every one of us is a whore's son. Would you let your child be raised by a whore? What else would a whore teach them, except to lay on their back, get fucked, and collect payment? Everything about a woman is fake. The woman has false angle, fake eyelashes, fake breasts, fake height (platform shoes and stilettos), fake tans, fake hair. The woman is a fake. Women nowadays are narcissistic drunks that have sex with men or women for money or other benefits.

Pictures with girls on facebook (Attention!!! Here are the most beautiful girls on facebook)

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