sâmbătă, 8 martie 2014

March 8th: international day of whores

We love to live in lies. A great emperor said: "all women are whores". Why do we say "March 8th: international day of women" when right is "March 8th: international day of whores". Women have too many rights, too many power. The woman is just a bitch, so what gift deserves a whore? A big dick or small. You want an expensive gift you whore? Why, because you are a whore? Fuck you!!! My gift to you whore is a punch in your face. Most women live in fantasy land, don't know what they want at all, and change their mind on a whim. If your not fulfilling their fantasy then they get depressed and cheat. As soon as a woman behaves like a bitch, you have to dump her immediately, no need to buy gifts for her even if it is March 8: international day of women. Who is stupid enough to really trust any woman? Women lie cheat and steal and justify it with a mess of emotional logic. All women are whores from each and every race, even the church women are whores. These whores will ruin your life sooner or later. They fuck you in the end, they are all the same, are as a great emperor said: whores.

Pictures with women (whores)

What means women? Women means cumshot over face, cumshot in mouth, sex group, sex with many men, blowjob for money, every women is a fucked stupid whore. Who are the women? A herd of sows. The most despicable creature on earth - the woman. The most stupid creature on the earth - the men.

Why do I say that men are fools? What you see here? Pictures with beautiful women? Photos with most hot girls? Just so? Here and throughout the internet find photos with beautiful women whores and hot girls whores. This is the truth. Men are fascinated by the beautiful prostitute, by the charming whores. Men are clamoring to make gifts by International Women's Day of some whores.

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