duminică, 18 august 2013

Bodies for sin

Gangsters and politicians from Romania have put romanians money on bodies for sin even more than in villas, palaces, helicopters, yachts, swimming pools. In Romania (also in the West), large amounts are spent on the bodies for sin, on whores. Whores have eaten and eat the most money from the state budget. You see them everywhere on the streets, in limousines speeding hundred thousand euro. Each monkey politician who stole the national economy of Romania has run in the 23 years of robbery and barbarism, dozens and dozens of whores and mistresses! Any idea about how much a whore luxury per month maintenance? On average between 30-40,000 euros. Now you understand why all the women in Romania are or will to become whores who want to use their bodies to sin? Romania means corruption and prostitution networks.

Romanian whores have received most of the money obtained from the plunder of national wealth. The only remaining industry, which gave the Romanian economy huge thefts is "industry of harlots" ... what to say about Western men who want to know girls from Romania for marriage? That are the stupidest people on earth!

Pictures with Bodies to sin

"I am whore from Romania, i have the body of sin and i want a corrupt politician who entertain me"

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