marți, 24 mai 2016

Hot creatures

Many beautiful women are hot creatures always ready for treason. A nice big and long cock is a better solution. In search of solutions many women resort at "romantic" compromises. With very short dress in public and on her knees in front of him, she resolve issues of existence. "Please don’t cum in me. I don’t want to get pregnant, not swell the belly!" You wear mini skirts, tight pants and heels every day. Why? Because they are hot creatures ready always for hardcore sex for money. Wearing pants is a privilege that belongs to men! Your body look fabulous but you are a whore. Sexy long legs in mini skirts, deep throat, hot downblouse, shameless blowjob, fast sex through luxury car, all of these for easy cash. Too many women are whores, are creatures without honor always ready for unprotected sex with many men.

Now look into my eyes whore and tell me how stupid can you be? It’s true in every society in every part of the world at any time in history, many women are natural born whores. From a whore arises a slut, fucking cheap bitches. Ultimately we are talking here about survival, about creatures which runs desperate after dick. Shameless blowjob in public place without moral restraints. However we have a strange situation, there are no whores for the large number of fools that exists on this earth. That these fools are from Brighton - Michigan, San Ramon - California, Cleveland - Ohio, Albany - New York, Brooklyn - New York, Memphis - Tennessee, Pendleton - Oregon or Albuquerque - New Mexico, the number of harlots is insufficient for they.

Being a whore means freedom, rebellion and empowerment. There are sufficient grounds for the choice to be bitch. Be a good girl for your man, not a bad bitch for more men. "I fuck you and my cock goes inside you at least once every day." one of them says. And you reply in the following way: "fuck me harder and faster because there are other men in line". Shamelessly insatiable creatures. Always a woman shameless will be a bitch for someone. Age does not matter, to be a bitch means someone who does not respect anything, someone who respects and loves just through simulation. Hot creatures means casual sex, sexual freedom, secret sluts more exactly. Professional prostitutes by today are Aleira Avendano and Sunny Leone. One of these suck the dick and another sits completely naked ready for action and suspense.

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