luni, 30 mai 2016

Fucked stupid whores

Why are many women so fucked and so stupid? The women whores are attracted to power and success, ...and by dicks, not by true love. Are all beautiful women stupid whores? Many Women are fucked stupid whores and much more men are horny bulls, the simple truth. A recent study confirms what scientists have long believed; women are stupid. The research, carried out by Dr. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario determined that men's IQs are over four times as high as women's on average. At what are good the women? At sex position, cumshot in mouth or over face, at sucking dick, blowjob, beautiful sex in different position, big ass fucking hard, at seduction position, at lies and half-truths. Who have trusts in women? Only the stupid men. For whores are born stupid and naive men. An man of quality is not married with a whore.

"What should you do if you see your ex-husband rolling around in pain on the ground? Shoot him again." The women are so cruel, are so fucked stupid whores. What is the difference between men and women? A man wants one woman to satisfy his every need. A woman wants every man to satisfy her one need. Why? Because the women are whores (Napoleon Bonaparte). Many women are too stupid to find music online but in real life can to find many men for fuck. “How do you like your women? Dumb and sleepy.” Why? Because anyway this is their natural state. Do you think that the situation is different in Brazil? Even if you are from Canada, Chile, United States of America, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Ghana, Croatia, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain or Poland, the situation is the same everywhere.

In all countries exist fucked stupid whores but most are in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria), Ladies why do u like sucking dick? For money, of pleasure less. The awesome temporary power of young attractive women is the ass, the boobs and the legs. Why temporary power? Because the sexual attraction passes. Modern feminists are not quality people, therefore they attract low quality men then complain on blogs about their challenging romantic lives while blaming men the entire time. You're nothing more than a way to help men to achieve orgasm at that point. Even in pictures just this one is your role. Rough ass fuck mature women or hot teens sucking huge black dick, age does not matter. Why are American women regarded as the biggest whores on the planet? Because is not true, Eastern European women are the biggest whores from the world.

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