duminică, 23 februarie 2014

Depraved whores

Most women are whores, depraved whores. Many men are fools, fools depraved. Exist a connection between fools amd whores. there is a difference between healthy principles and immorality. There is a difference between healthy principles and immorality. Imorality generates depraved whores. A girl does not become a whore hard, it's easy to become a whore. Women are far more shallow than men. Every time when you see a attractive woman think about how many miles of dick has sucked and how much blowjob she had put in mouth before making you acquaintance with her.Women have not contributed with anything to science, art, philosophy, that all things in this life which deserves attention. On the contrary, she is the base receptacle through which this whole miserable existence is perpetuated.Women do not deserve attention because most are just depraved whores. Don't forget they are also superficial, narcissistic, egotistical, vindictive, ignorant, mechanically un-inclined, materialistic, worthless, and unable to be grateful. Their whole aura exudes mediocrity.  How awful it must be to be a woman.

Pictures with depraved whores

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