sâmbătă, 1 februarie 2014

Ann Angel

"Ann Angel smoking." Smoking what? Who is this anonymous Ann Angel? "Ann Angel is a Model from Warsaw Poland, born on June 9, 1985. Ann Angel started her career as adult and glamour model in 2003." Really? What kind of bitch is and that? Porn star? Since when a whore is considered a star? You people are really that stupid? A whore is a whore, and nothing else. "Ann is back and ready to get hardcore for everyone." Of course, "for everyone", typical for a bitch. "Ann Angel is one of the best girls online." Corect, but is a whore. You are so sexy bitch, you are like the sun. This girl sucks dick like a shameless whore. Blowjob it seems like it's her job. Since when angels sucking dick?

Pictures with Ann Angel

"Ann Angel does not suck dick", in that picture shows that suck ...with zest.

Provocative and naughty, this show these pictures.

...is not she one of the most charming women in the world?

Ann Angel hardcore cumshot?

...a penetrating and charming glance

ready for action

...more than hot

a real vagrant bitch.

Ann Angel - very, very sexy

Should fucked hard this naughty bitch...

... because wants dick more than anything

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