luni, 14 ianuarie 2013

Beautiful mature women

According to statistics over 40% of married women aged 30-50 years had at least an affair relation extramarital. Many fools believe that if a woman is married, has children and is older can not be bitch, prostitute. Beautiful mature women generally means woman bitch. Women in general are very bad and very sinful. Are a lot stupid men who get married with beautiful women but whores to earn money from them. Blinded by passion sex and illusory material comfort, these men defies normality procreation, fertility and birth, and finally choose the anonymity of those who kill family life and moral habits. Mankind can no longer resist the temptation of bite the bait consumption by sex chaotic, depraved for that there are many beautiful mature women and married involved in prostitution and that's not a fantasy, it's a reality. Beautiful mature women unmarried, approximately 75% are whores.

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