joi, 3 ianuarie 2013

Beautiful girls conspiracy

In countries with stupid men, beautiful girls have power, pretty girls lead, we speak of the existence of a conspiracy in these countries or by restoration of matriarchy (power of pussy). Bulls, they are kept under slipper by beautiful girls. Bulls are many in this world. Beautiful girls is synonymous with beautifuls sluts, not good to be kept under slipper by whores. The woman is much inferior compared with a man, she should stay in saucepan. Empowerment of women is prostitution market expansion. With the emancipation of women's is lost beauty worlds, and social balance, sinks into ruin families and increase immorality. Emancipated woman leaving only traces of shame and stupidity. A beautiful girl forget of fidelity if in her way encounters a possible "sponsor". We live in a man's world ruled by beautiful women but without princes. Woman leads from shade. How to run and degraded sexually and morally are beautiful girls when they choose to become wives (whores) of husbands who put horns since the wedding day? This type of girls runnin family building. Beautiful girls everywhere, in shops, on television, in magazines, on the Internet, in brothels, everywhere. This is conspiracy, beautiful girls conspiracy. Someone or something tries and succeeds to cancel the judgment of men with beautiful girls. Beautiful girls are like vipers, charm you with their beauty then put poison in you or empty your bank account.

Beautiful and naughty girls pictures

I'm sorry but whores expose their breasts through pictures, not the girls beautiful and obedient.

Similarly, in vain're beautiful if you act like a bitch and take off your panties in photos

Beautiful girl upskirt - whore by negligence (sure is negligence?)

 Actresses with nice boobs from porn movies are whores

Beautiful girl semi naked in ass naked means again ...whore

Why so many girls indecent and naked? This is not thing clean, is conspiracy.

 Bar Refaeli agreed to appear in a video that he tricked men to donate money if they want to take to bed.

Bar Rafaeli with the organizers of this farce won almost $ from men around the world who wanted to have sex with star.

 I like real women who have real jobs not some slut trying to make money on T.V, music, porn and on the street where they, whores, ostentatiously expose naked boobs.

Look at this bitch how exposes in this picture her big ass as if it were gold. 

...these bitches who show their boobs through pictures are celebrities? Sure not.

...these naked sluts are part of a large conspiracy that seeks to earn big money from suckers

very much depravity find to a whore, tits naked, is all he knows to do.

This woman shows somewhat decent, no boobs and ass naked.

again a negative example, a beautiful but naughty girl in naked ass

this girl is almost a decent girls, showed too much leg

beautiful blonde but little depraved, breasts are almost completely discover

beautiful and sexy girl but dressed like a whore

a real bitch in naked ass

a beautiful and charming woman Santa Claus

one naughty girl in short mini skirt part of conspiracy

Most beautiful and decent girl from internet - an example worthy of emulation

another beautiful girl - another positive example

Innocent and very beautiful woman

pretty faces

In that picture we have a girl with sexy legs but naughty

Very beautiful and decent girl 

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