sâmbătă, 16 septembrie 2017

Beautiful prostitutes

Most of the girls from Thailanda are just beautiful prostitutes. Thailanda, the country with the most prostitutes? I do not believe. Venezuela? South Korea? No, no. The country with the most Sluts in the world is Romania. Also Romania is the country with the most thieves. Geert Wilders: Romania and Bulgaria should be excluded from the EU due to high corruption and irregularities which make them unsuitable as members of the EU. We can say with certainty that romanian women are beautiful prostitutes, not beautiful moms or beautiful young girls. Old or young, most women in Romania are sluts. "Top 10 countries with most prostitutes in the World": Romania fist place, and nothing else matters. The most corrupt country generates automatically the biggest whores, the biggest prostitutes.

Another cause which generates sluts, prostitutes, in Romania is the beauty. The more beautiful she is, the more bitch she is. Many women and many girls has one thing in head: dick long and huge deep in the pussy or in the mouth. Majority of women are very superficial, for hookers the most important thing on earth is the dick. The whores, the prostitutes are crazy, hot blowjob written on her forehead. How much dick entered in your girlfriend until to you? The majority of women must be fucked hard and more because rhe majority are sluts, big prostitutes. I can tell you that romanian girls are shit. They are really dumb prostitutes. I do not exaggerate at all when I say that.

The beautiful girls from Eastern Europe that means, beautiful shameless prostitutes with huge ass, sexy legs or beautiful tits who trick people. Germany about Romania: "A naive people who thinks that is very smart and slick". I know also that many women moms from Romania are useless whores with multiple masks, are stupid selfish whores. Romania - just a huge illegal network prostitution.

Beautiful prostitutes - pictures

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