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Great Sex Position (Kamasutra images)

In general, sex is an enjoyable act between two people who are in an intimate relationship. What you may not realize is that it can also be a bit of a hard work if you and your partner intend to get the most out of it. In fact, there are various sexual positions designed to ... therefore you need by great sex position kamasutra images.

Sex Position Of The Day - if you do not know to apply new positions in bed, try the ones below.

All in all, rear entry sex positions of the day are good for a quick session of sex. And remember that sometimes you can enjoy sex more successfully in this sex position of the day if the woman places a pillow under her hips to hoick them up a bit. This makes it easier for the man to penetrate her.

A beginner's guide to the rear entry sexual position - "doggy style"

Don’t try this sex position unless you have a flexible erection, guys, because it might hurt…

Side By Side On The Sofa

Another exciting variation of the good old man on top

This position can be very exciting, because it allows deep penetration, the man can view his partner's buttocks as he enters her, and it provides both partners with a sense of taking/being taken, which might be something you find sexually exciting. It's certainly a good variation for those times you feel very horny, but you want a compromise between rear entry and conventional man on top sex!

Squeeze your man, girls!

Men like three things: warmth, wetness, and tightness. Provided the woman is naturally well-lubed, or you have a bottle of lube at hand, the first two are taken care of. The third depends on where you both have your legs. For extra sensation, try having the woman's legs inside the man's. He won't be able to penetrate as deeply, but it may be exquisitely pleasurable for him. Don't expect sex to last long, though!

An interesting variation with the man kneeling for sex

If she's even more flexible, this sexual position may offer great sex

She clasps him with her legs and pulls him into her 

Sexual positions - side by side sex

Standing sex positions 

Edge Of The Bed Sex Positions

Advanced sex positions 

Oral sex positions 

Best sex positions for men with a large penis 

Sex positions for fast passionate sex - Rear entry standing

...more great sex position kamasutra images.

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