vineri, 1 martie 2013

Whores from Romania

The biggest whores from Europe are romanian women. Romania is the first exporter of whores from Europe. Romanian women and pimps from Romania raised depravity and coupling chaotic against payment to the rank of normality unconvicted. There is no day to show news about prostitutes from Romania, about pickpockets from Romania, about beggars from Romania, about criminals and rapists in Romania. In Japan, after the killing of students at Otopeni, press wrote: "Romanians are criminals known to the world, which exports crimes wherever they go and they are present in Western Europe with chains prostitution (whores), networks beggars and potential crimes of all types.I advise everyone to stay away to Romanian, that are very dangerous and uncivilized".Whores from Romania have managed to alter the spirituality and human, human value normality has been damaged by this human wastes. Corrupt Romanian police need to pay contributions in money from bribes, from the pimps and from whores to support the election campaign of some corrupt politicians. Romania is not only the most corrupt country in Europe but also is the country of whores and criminals. Romanian whores really deserve to be lynched of media. Romania is the country where most girls have boyfriends pimp and many men are married with real prostitutes, with whores which they toppled normality moral values.

Pictures with whores from Romania

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