sâmbătă, 16 aprilie 2016

Hypocrite whores fucked hard

For the hypocrite whores fucked hard a ordinary and normal activity is behavioral deviation. Why? Because this type of women is not defined by normal, by a state of normality and sex. The whore is abnormal, it's neurotic, is the enemy of common sense, a opportunist, a false, a true hypocrite which posing in loving mother and wife. The whore is a superficial woman, completely idiotic that minimizes at the maximum duties, obligations, common sense, flair, education, fidelity, etc. A nice guy and a whore? They will hate him with all their heart and soul. They will punish him (behind his back), they secretly want to destroy and kill him. Why? Because they are sick in the mind. The bad women are just hypocrite whores fucked hard which have gotten only worse and will simply try to bring you down to their level. Every last women with a shit attitude deserves to be fucked hard and after which just with indifference.

Hypocrite whores fucked hard means in fact a primitive mentality. In other words they are out of control. This women are fucked hard by neighbors, work colleagues or school, gypsy, punks, etc. Feminism should be treated as another form of terrorism. You can not be a mother and also a notorious whore fucked hard who lives in bars and restaurants, this is pure hypocrisy. Many females do not deserve a lead position at a job because they can be too whores. What want a woman whore? The whore is a hypocrite which want sex for money and material benefits. The whores are the main instigators of sex. They think like beasts. Many women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses.

I wonder how many bitches are crying in their Ice Cream because they don't have a man for Valentines Day. Some women use sex to get other things from men. It's all a fucking game, a game in which must be involved many men. Don't give her your time or effort because she is just a hypocrite whore fucked hard by many men. Don't answer her calls or text messages. The whores are beautiful for more lovers at the same time, for stupid lovers. Many women are natural born sociopathic narcissists who are sexually immoral.

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