miercuri, 2 octombrie 2013

Are All Women Liars?

Are All Women Liars? Most of the girls are liars. Most of the girls live with the impression that they are beautiful. Are many girls who lie to themselves before the mirror. Very many sites have titles like the "most beautiful girls", "most beautiful ass", "most beautiful boobs", but titles of these sites are lies. Every day dozens of sites post some pictures of ordinary girls which are really ugly, and said "most beautiful girls". It's easy to do so. All the bitches want to be noticed, they would to be the center of attention. Whores will money without work. To get money without working need to lie very much and must find fools. Bitches say I love you to get money from you. Most of the girls are whores who lie greatly. So we can say that most of the girls are liars.

You cows may be good for nothing, but at least you have the decency to be fat-fuck slobs in the privacy of your own homes. Many of the girls are just fat cows, stealthily settling and whores, whores which do not to stay at home. Whores always walks. Whores do not deserve gifts because are vagrant.

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