joi, 30 mai 2013

Fuck for money wants girls

What wants a beautiful girl from Eastern Europe? Fuck for money (love for money). What wants a beautiful woman from Bulgaria or Romania? Blowjob for money! All the most hot, beautiful, charming, gorgeous, sexy, pretty girls and women from worldwide wants sex for money but girls from Eastern Europe are the most depraved girls in the world. Blowjob for money is something normal, natural, no convictions for a woman from Eastern Europe. For a girl from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Belarus or Ukraine, having sex for money is an honorable profession. Girls from Eastern Europe are not mentally healthy. "A woman of 35 years from Romania was killed by former Italian boyfriend (Maurizio Ciceri) in a public garden in Italy". Why? Because romanian women are whores. Sex for money, blowjob for money, kiss dick for money, cumshot for money, just that wants girls from Eastern Europe, not true love. Romanian women love their italian boyfriends until they empty their wallets, then go again to another sucker to fuck for money or to make blowjob for money. Romanian girls are fucked in the ass for money, sucking dick for money or make sex in group for money, even if they are married. Why are Romanian women so whores and fuck for money, even if they are married? Not berate the consciousness? Romanians are top criminals, are top pimps who teach young girls to be whores. Romanians are people without principles teach their girls to fuck for money, to practice prostitution, romanian girls are not educated to love sincerely and selflessly.

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