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Eleni Menegaki - Sexy Greek Celebrity

Eleni Menegaki is the Greek model, actress and television show hostess, born in October 29, 1969. Forbes ranked Menegaki as the second most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece and top-ranked female. In 2001, Eleni Menegaki married to ANT1 program manager Giannis Latsios. They had three children. Aggelos was born in 2002, Laoura was born in 2005 and Valeria was born in 2008. In January 29, 2010, Eleni announced her divorce with Giannis Latsios. Few months later, Eleni's new relationship with businessman Makis Pantzopoulos became known to media. Eleni Menegaki is considered as an icon for girls and women. Everybody wants to know everything about her life. Due to her family image, she is a huge role model. Paparazzi follow her everywhere and every tabloid she covers is sold out. According to Forbes, Eleni is the top ranked female celebrity, while according to newspaper Thema, Eleni earns 100.000 euro per month and is the richest Greek presenter.

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