miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

What is a bitch

Woman which lead harlot life.Prostitute.Hypocrite man, dirty.Harlot is woman which sleeping with different men to receive something.Pity us, men, we are amazing beings, but we are forced to live in a world full of whores.Being a bitch, is more, a certain attitude combined with more guts exceeded certain limits and without measure.In general, under the title of slut is perceived female person who maintain sexual relationships with different males, in order to obtain money or benefits of any kind, woman who offers his services in exchange for other services, one can not have one...has more.Whore go to bed with anyone for anything. Whore is a person who sells honesty and moral integrity. Whore cancel sense measure, whore invade perverted places where, of common sense, was not what to look for, bitch is imposter that do not accept tips, gives them.Bitch is a term that depends only and only character, and, indirectly, education. Education that have not been able to give him life or parents.

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