duminică, 10 iulie 2016

Brexit for romanian whores

There is an epidemic of whores and pimps in Western Europe, so is necessary "Brexit" for romanian whores. The Western Europe is full with whores from Romania. Every man from Italy, Spain, England, France and Holland is programmed to fuck 85% of the women from these countries, right? If in this countries is added a percentage of 50 percent women whores from Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, is not created an imbalance? In Western Europe exist a army of hookers who invaded the Schengen area since the 90s. Over the years the whores from Eastern Europe have invaded the entire European continent. Extremely hot girls and women from Romania, woned in Italy, Spain, England, France and Holland billions of euros. Who leads the prostitution networks from Romania? Even the police and intelligence services from this country.

Romanian women are a real danger for Europe's economy, therefore is mandatory "Brexit" for romanian whores. What means romanian whores? Means hot women fuckud for money, sexiest blowjob for money, perfect ass fucked for money, etc. Romanian whores in Western Europe means illegal prostitution. Romania is the first exporter of prostitution from Europe. The women from Romania emigrate in Western Europe in order to run after men. What follows if men fall in their net? Men robbed completely of women which sell "love". Girls and mature women in very short skirts are at hunting of men on the streets from London, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc. Many of these women work as "switchboard operators". All day contact men through phone. Why? In this way is not arrested for prostitution.

What solution can be applied? "Brexit" for romanian whores! The prostitution networks from Western Europe can be dissolved through referendum. The majority of women from Romania perform rides on the streets of Western Europe for blowjob through cars, for rough sex, hardcore sex through rented apartments. Besides these illegal prostitutes we have romanian whores which deals with "robbery" through false love. Also for these whores is a urgent need "the brexit".


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