vineri, 16 mai 2014

Naughty European girls doing crazy things

"Naughty European girls doing crazy things", someone says. I do not think that all girls and women from Europe do the craziest things. I think that girls and women from Eastern Europe are the most depraved women. These girls are part of a huge network of prostitution. "Which country has the sluttiest girls?" ...question asked on by a member. "In my experience, Romanian girls are filthy sluts." ... replied another member. A Daily Star Sunday investigation found legions of prostitutes from the Eastern Europe state working in massage parlours, flats and houses, in residential streets across Britain, including Bradford and Leeds. Most women in Romania who go to work abroad, go west to practice prostitution illegal. Romania is a country full of whores with big and beautiful ass, pimps and thieves. Young girls and women are being sold into prostitution by Romanian gangs and shipped to the UK to supply their owners with large incomes. Two media outlets have run an undercover operation, where they found that girls some no older than 14 are forced to become prostitutes for their owners. Besides this phenomenon shown there are many girls from Eastern Europe who practice prostitution in Western Europe unforced from nobody, they choose to practice prostitution because are just naughty Eastern Europe girls. Another category of prostitutes, the most difficult to detect, is the beautiful prostitutes who are married with pimps. So we can say with certainty that naughty Est European girls doing crazy things.

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